Fish farming guide action or Ornamental Fish Betta Atjeh

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Fish farming guide action or Ornamental Fish Betta Atjeh -

This time the admin will distribute a set way of livestock or game fish betta fish please read the following article.

Betta fish a little torn when the fur is quite fed enough and do not overdo it because it can make a hickey lazy and die. Betta fish water quality should be considered a minimum replaced 2 days, after replacing the betta fish water sprinkled a little salt, a little just do berlabihan. Salt is useful for cleaning the betta fish gills itself.

Betta fish are known as ornamental fish or fish contest, because it has fur and beautiful body shape can make

fascinated. This fish can be a business opportunity for anyone, karana capital is not big enough and easy. How to choose a good seed are: 1. choose fish that agile and do not play on the water surface

2. Choose the color of betta fish attractive and not sluggish because of the color greatly affect when you want to marry a hickey

3. look around the body hickey if there are injuries or torn tail, must not choose.

How to marry a hickey:

For breeding / mating betta fish, choose fish tail seritnya width and thickness, the shape of the tail 180 degrees, great body and elongated tail.

     * Choose fish that is used to playing in mid or bottom of the water (not on the surface of the water).
     * The combination of good betta color is that in the tail with fins Sempura, no mess.
     * For spawning, hickey do not need a large. Quite a small aquarium, basin, jar, or a plastic bucket. Before use spawning, aquarium soaked with a solution of dilute PK before finally rinsed with clean water, to prevent fungus and disease. walls scrubbed and rinsed water. Water should be deposited and allowed to stand 3 days before use.
     * The temperature of 21-31 degrees C required, or standartnya 25 degrees C. In the aquarium placed plants have been cleared. Can be a timber of water hyacinth or APU.
     * After spawning is completed, the input first male betta, betta males wait to make nests foam, if the foam is visible on the surface of the water, input ripe female sex. Hose 3-4 days of marriage is completed, and the females produce 200-400 eggs fertilized stud.
     * Lift females lay eggs when it's finished, let the male in permijahan. females are separated so as not to eat their own eggs, while the male is left abandoned, because it helps the process of hatching, try the male given enough food not to eat eggs, and so hatch, remove the stud
     * At the age of 2-3 days, the seeds do not need to be fed because the body is still there yolk. It was only on day 4, fed plankton infusaria or similar which can be bought in store ornamental fish. On day 8, fry can be fed water fleas. Mengijak age of 1 month, tillers hickey should be separated individually in a bottle (bottle may aqua) for enlargement.

Free pictures Raising fish or game Ornamental Fish Betta Pelaga

Pemincahan period iakan game image

Betta fish also need to be trained to stay fit condition, how to train is to bring a bottle fellow betta fish, but do not be too long because betta fish will become more aggressive so that it can run amok and cause sores in his mouth alone. Quite 3-5 minutes.

Enough food for betta can be larvae, worms ice not too much give so. Ketapan leaf leaves very good for the betta because it can treat diseases betta betta fish soaked in enough water will turn into yellow, and can make a hickey be nimble and slippery if you want betarung or want to follow the contest. so on the article how the fish of action may be beneficial.

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