5 The Best Most Common (and Deadly) Betta Fish Care Mistakes

 Betta fish to inhabit and help avoid that nasty shock from a change in water conditions.
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1. Choose a tank size

Finally ... the subject of the most common and controversial heavily in maintaining fish tank size BETTA! And continue the discussion BETTA fishbowl forever. Confuse beginners and youth in the care of betta fish, it is common to get conflicting information from an experienced owners alike pet store. Some may say that 2 liters is the minimum BETTA healthy fish while others rolled their eyes and ridicule, he refused to accept even less than 5 gallons for each Betta fish inhabit. Pet stores and even going so far as to support and encourage those of less than 0.3 liters of water for Betta fish tanks and pay are often expensive and not always sufficient consumer ignorance. In fact, in terms of the facts into account the basic Betta Fish specified in the development of dangerous chemicals, and space for training needs, and the ability to safely heat in maintaining the temperature periodically temperatures ,

 The Betta fish tank
 The Betta fish tank
the minimum required for betta fish is a fish tank with 1 gallon of water fills many changes and carried out in part of each week. It should be noted, however, still very different life to flourish. BETTA best fish in large environments than bicycles as do the owners who have water changes less and less important to do every week. You can not prevent changes in the water, despite the claims of the products can draw attention, in the end, but it can be minimized to meet the needs of the fish.

However, the owner of many of the buy Betta fish tank 0.5 gallons or smaller, as is the appearance of BETTA name specific and cute or trendy fish. This error also repeated because of the mindset that if you sell the product in stock, then it should be safe for pets.

This may be true in theory, most dogs or cats because consumer products is the inevitable reaction to the company must have in order to be harmful to pets, but this is not the case of fishery products, particularly those sold for Betta fish. Lack of awareness and understanding and knowledge involving care BETTA fish in the basin allows the company to take advantage of its industry clients by promoting dangerous products manufactured with high prices cheap considering its cost. PetSmart provides deposit of $ 24.99 is normal.

 He called specifically for Betta fish, but can only hold 0.5 liters, you do not have a cover, and includes plastic plants can damage soft fin long. While this progress at the same store is only $ 14.99 without labeling for certain types of fish. PetSmart stores are not the only guilty of this also is not limited to this shameful practice supermarket chain. The reason for this error have seen again and again by the Betta fish breeder at one time or another of their experience and the information is product brands are incorrect and misleading purpose to influence and impose poor care for fish company to continue making money from the misuse of the cross.

A full 5-gallon aquarium with all the necessary equipment. Photo By Awareness betta

Although there are exceptions to 1 gallon of minimum standards usually associated with professional breeders and people who can be used, in fact, much of the day to catch their own, and pet owners must comply with the general and consider what best suits effect their lives. Although it is monitoring the water situation regularly and not lazy in the water maintenance schedule change, and Betta fish have a chance to live happily in a variety of basin size.

If you take the time to learn and educate yourself on the needs of the Betta fish and all other animals in their care before bringing them into your home, you can avoid common mistakes treatment. If errors occurred, then take time to change. The animals live a better quality because they are aware of the decision. The animal care regardless of the size or cost of the contract. When buying or adoption of a living organism that promise to satisfy their needs and assistance in the development of, and care for him, even in case of problems. It helps to stop these five common mistakes and create awareness of how to deal with the Betta fish.

Confusion 2. Maintenance Air

Conditions for maintenance and water are key to the development of a healthy betta fish! It has been discussing this issue on a large scale, and are described in this blog before, but it happened that the second most common (and dangerous) errors betta fish care. Pet stores often do not take the time to explain how or why the water should make changes. Rarely, the water cycle even mentioned. In fact, most of the time will be given to the lack of water for cooling the adequacy of first-time buyers who do not understand what Conditioners condition. These issues are fed into confusion and misunderstanding about the most important part of keeping Betta fish, and the preservation of a healthy environment.

Fish tank is not necessary to look like this before and change the water.
For those who do not understand how the water is clear and that is no different than tap water may be dirty or in need of change, imagine this: you live in a big city with a lot of factories and industrial plants.

Each is located in an area containing sits next to a crowded residential living. Every day, factories and manufacturing plants air pollution nonstop, but instead of releasing thick smoke and clear contaminants that are quite clear. You can not see or feel the pollution, but your health as it directly affects. Do not clean the air and never be cleaned during this pollution around, and take several slow on your health and immune system. You can feel the burn skin chemistry visible, making it difficult for you to breathe, and create ideal conditions for bacteria and parasites occupation within.

These buildings can be an integral part of daily life, but the local government has found a way to clean the air to keep the effects of this contamination is not visible from the cause you or family to succumb to disease and friends and disease mortal. However, there is no doubt that the air needs cleaning at all. Do not smoke, after all, and no clear air visible. Despite the emergence of non-pollution, it is clear from a public health and that if nothing is done certainly die.

This is a delicate situation for millions of betta fish happen every day. Unfortunately for them, the confusion and lack of understanding of the environmental conditions of water makes them toxic to some breakpoint. Invisible chemicals that threaten betta fish mentioned in this article are ammonia, nitrites and nitrates. Natural chemicals that can not be avoided in the aquarium care but can be removed and removed only through a well-established water cycle and only in the case of ammonia and nitrite or through regular water changes in the third case of chemistry. Look at the previous articles in this blog to understand what the water cycle and how often you should change the water to avoid the most common mistakes both in keeping Betta fish.

Nitrogen.> Cycle by wikipedia.org

Make sure you also understand that the only source of water while removing certain chemicals increased tap water to make it fit for human consumption but deadly to fish toxins. Some air conditioners only removes chlorine and avoid water in order to eliminate the chloramines and heavy metals as well as cooling. While the cooling water can not be a substitute for water changes, make the newly added water safe for Betta fish live and help to avoid unpleasant surprises of changes in water conditions.

3. Cold water for tropical species

Betta fish are tropical fish, regardless of the type or breed of them. Areas in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, and these guys used to the fluctuating temperature rarely warmer water temperatures. Although this fact is very important, and when you sell betta fish is very rare that encourage customers to the needs of heating stores. Heater can be costly and unreliable if you know where to look. Most people believe in keeping fish as inexpensive and low maintenance hobby, ideal for the beginning of a pet owner. The fact that far from complete, however. While Betta fish may not be as expensive as taking care of a dog or cat during this period, and the equipment can be expensive and often high pelvis people started initial operating budget. Knowing this, it is not often announces that fish are tropical BETTA or need heating at all. Some stores blatantly lied and claimed that the room temperature is fine for the little people to survive, but to thrive in. Falsehood surprising, however, considering the amount of lies and advertised to consumers about such has to make more money.

It is important to know the temperature of your betta fish tank. Photo By Awareness betta

The water temperature can drop down to 10 degrees overnight, even if the tank was left in a heated room! And there is a change in temperature during the day can reduce the immune system, causing stress, leaving open the fish for a variety of health problems. At room temperature it is not stable or reliable when BETTA care fish was not a lot of newcomers and veterans say while heating is not necessary because most consumers are more likely to buy BETTA fish and misleading products too expensive , and related Betta fish named specifically if you still think the myth that heating and other equipment like this are optional.

Betta fish should not only stable, tropical, and pleasant temperature grades, but the need for health. Anddiseases the most common betta fish diseases in both prevention and cure of water and regular maintenance properlyheated water conditions. Speaking about the state of water ...

4. Create a hostile environment

Betta fish with the most common error imposed on the new owners and naive is a hostile environment. The most common errors are Hickey placed with another couple or a tank blast, and the development of men with men, and men with women.

It may seem cold to put the shark's tail with a red or luxurious Grand Gobi BETTA but that is not compatible with the welfare of each of these species. All shark species tend to be aggressive and dominant in the environment, especially as they age, and often fantasy Gobi incite tension and aggression brutal macho BETTA grand attack them because they believe that these fish enjoyed by men of the same species. There is a long list of species that should not be placed with magnificent BETTA both sexes, but there is a long list of species that are often very well with this type BETTA so long as his personality and the aggressive nature of the individual type not clash. Like all animals, it is important to do research before you buy and build community.

As for the friend Gorgeous betta fish species in B., is never a good idea to hold more than a group of women students together were called nothing. Even then, there may be serious consequences if the student does not fit or is made by the owner with experience and / or knowledge to limited success. However, the common errors that still occur even though the nature of the battle and put the male in the tank is divided evenly. Some people mistakenly believe that the purchase of two non-aggressive males produce BETTA Gorgeous happy with just one or two bursts battle between now and then if nothing happened at all.

This is not true. No matter if the fish does not turn on each other in the store, not attack each other before, and seems interested in other or the same group of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia raised together since birth. Instinct is instinct. Gorgeous Gorgeous BETTA BETTA will be against the man. They are known as fighting fish or fighters for a reason. Very territorial, and this type of fish trying to scare people, and ultimately, it will go into the blood if they feel there is no way out. Yes, the wild man can meet and flares and one or falling even duel weak briefly before admitting defeat and swim away.

This does not mean that wild fish behavior standard proportions pets to celebrate. On the one hand, the actual magnificent wild betta can be no further because the descendants of unwanted animals released into local water short fins and colleague with their wild cousins, and make logical comparisons. Two, in the natural environment and space that allows space betta fish to escape and limited the fall. Home aquarium with two men BETTA magnificent, regardless of the extent of coverage or a particular space, equivalent to the creation of a steel cage match to the death. The instinct is always to win, but not immediately, and the creation of this situation is animal abuse.

Two gorgeous male BETTA and bright look to the last warning. Photo By bettainfo.com
Finally, and most common, is a wrong many owners to be naive man with a female housing effort. There is a serious misunderstanding Gorgeous male Betta can live with the student if a tank large enough and provide enough hiding places. Often this misconception supported the claim that women in the group of men and defend against attacks and / or livestock. This idea not only require women to attack the man to the line, but it also means that men should be less aggressive than the group of dominant females. Not only very stressful for all concerned fish situation is unrealistic and based on the wrong place.

In the best case, the owner found the man not aggressive, they showed great interest in interesting women and little interest from non-aggressive women, it has shown in provoking. What will happen from time to time one of these farms unplanned or sudden aggression that may illuminate after a period of time due to the accumulated pressure. In the agricultural scenario, men try to fight against women try to devour the fertilized eggs and the female will try to attack the man to keep him away.

Other women may also try to eat eggs, because eggs are a source of protein and it is not uncommon for a woman eggs of others or their own eating. In the case of the effects of the prisoner who was separated from all men and women shortly after vaccination and put the eggs in separate fried eggs hatching. In this case there is no deliberate safe place and one of the fish in question and aggression will produce the best cuts, and death at worst. There is also an added responsibility of caring for up to 500 of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. In the case of tension erupted suddenly, the man who drew previously, and that females can bite each other or start fighting. Fins and biting can cause injury and infection spreading the disease or bacteria to the injured party, and depending on what disease or incurring bacterial, and possibly the entire community. Battle can cause more serious injury with the same result or dead fish. There are cases of men and women living in peace side by side for years until instinct kicks or cause regional tension and aggression results in a sudden explosion and the death of a regrettable but inevitable amount.

A great team BETTA Crowntail male with Corydoras catfish, aquarium compatible companions.

The owner that put men and women together to achieve these selfish ends. Even if each fish against all odds can be rare exceptions to the rule unusual, and the risks far outweigh the benefits. In fact, in addition to a convenient arrangement for the owner, there is no benefit to be derived from such a scenario. There is no benefit to any type of fish involved, but the danger of explosion raised the possibility of subjecting a natural instinct in a resident with serious consequences.

5. discomfort zone: adapt deprivation

Maybe he had decided month or a desire to run, but you are in the pet fish that target the new screen BETTA perfect addition to your family tents. You can find the perfect type of fins, color perfect. This little beauty is all that you have been looking for and more love at first sight! But when you bring home a new friend you realize that you are at the bottom of the tank not swim. He said he can swim erratically and start panting. Its magnificent fin clamp shut and put it in the bottom of the tank as if dead. But it sounded good health and lives in a pet store, what happened?

This vision behavior often brings the same question in the minds of the new owners. They wonder if their sick animals or secretly caught the disease from his journey from the store to their homes. Other people may fall into the myth that the environment is higher, the new betta fish was confirmed, making the dead. Often, the new owners of diving in the world Betta fish without making a lot of research beforehand. Some things are basic. After all, how many fish needs can not figure out when to go? Most of the time, and even taking into account any explanation. In fact, the sudden change in behavior usually come with one of two options.

The first option is that this is actually normal behavior BETTA fish. It is not uncommon for Betta fish are stressed at this stage, and you need some time to adjust to the new environment. BETTA some fish take up to a week before you start swimming, eating normally, and they need time to feel safe from predators in their new environment. More general answer for this behavior, especially if it is a strange swimming or heavy breathing, and the second possibility: the fish are not used to their new home.

Unlike mammals, Betta fish are unable to maintain its own degree of body temperature. They are cold-blooded. This means that the environment will directly affect the internal heat of your body to its environment and the need to maintain a healthy degree of heat to allow these animals evolved. This also means that it is very dangerous to switch rapidly from one temperature degree of another suddenly without first adaptation. Adapting a way to slowly adjust to the environment or conditions of temperature and water in case of Betta fish.

Holding a cup of cold water for 10 minutes is a way to adapt the fish to a new degree water temperature.

Betta fish submerged in fresh water before allowing them to identify changes in the conditions of temperature and water and not only harmful to the animals directly, but parents can also be fatal. Must have greatly diminished the fish from the water to the really hot cold water, for example, you can go to shock and possibly death if the temperature is too high. Even a few degrees can be enough to surprise the fish, so it is important for new fish to sit in a bag or a cup is placed in the new water for 10 minutes at least. Betta fish adapt to the water situation is no less important to address changes in water temperature. Although water may seem obvious, and chemicals containing water differ much from the source to the water source.

Chances are that a small amount of water stored betta fish stores usually highly polluted with chemicals that may be invisible ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, even. Each of these chemicals may be necessary to tour the aquarium, but fatal for betta fish are exposed (as described later in this article), especially in a large number of small spaces. Clean, air conditioning and tap water could be better for the fish but to withdraw from directly clean polluted environment can also cause shock. You can avoid these common mistakes by adding water slowly from the old to the new pelvis bags or cups fish amendment now. a betta fish to adapt to new circumstances without extremism, which stimulates the crash, and change is given.

So you or someone you know has decided betta fish takes in life. Maybe this will be a new owner or the fish may be in possession of some time.



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