Early Half Moon Plakat Betta fish Story in international class "ikan laga

Half Moon Plakat Betta fish
Half Moon Plakat Betta fish
Betta Fish Betta fish are painting with shorter or form what is called fishtail-tail short. Hickey Panel Thailand mengembangbiakannya first. In 2010 the first panel by hobies Hickey widely known in Indonesia. As more on the nomination of SERIT type of fish and Half Moon Bay. Betta fish starter was brought introduced in Indonesia by Henry Gunawan, Hermanus and Joty.

In 2013, for the first time in konteskan betta fish plakad by INBS INBS Prize II performance in Gajah Mada Plaza, tetapai at that time was still in the stage show. Panel deliberately introduced to cause Betta fish market in order to combat the booming Luo Han.

Since then fish plate to perform more and more fans with new colors and shapes that are unique too. What sukurnya Cuang fish again in the words of lovers Betta fish.
Betta fish dish in the early-onset has a tail as a shovel or spade tail with the tail bone only two branches. This betta betta called traditional plate. The presence of elongated tip. Because equalizer or more ventralnya flap of the lower fins.

History Plakat Betta fish
In the evolution of the coupling plate with fish Betta Half Moon, which produces a semi-circular tail shape resembles the letter D, but the amount is not as big as a half betta moon to make it look smoother . And they have more bone to support the queue to be a fishtail shaped crescent types Havemon Plakat short tail. Even roses plate betta fish tail (tail up) to have more than 8 rear rod branches for shipping.

Crosses the plate with a double cola cola double production Hickey forked or short tail and symmetrical plate plates, which adds to the excitement of the Betta fish, betta fish plate for cranes, but there are still many in the market right now. Plates are symmetrical or asymmetrical panels dorsal fins (dorsal) and fish Plakat Betta history high because it has a double recessive gene tail. Betta plate appearance very attractive symmetrical fish, even before the introduction of the International Betta Congress (IBC) in its own category. To distinguish between painting and traditional painting crescent.

There is also a plaque Hickey develop so that the body becomes larger and more beautiful compared to Hickey, who was the size of about 10-12 cm Measure from the tip of the tip of the snout samapai her fawn. Even the amount of nearly twice the normal betta fish. That is a mixture of naturally Hickey with flags instead bodied fish that makes a new kind of giant fish betta fish Betta plakat.mengenai history Gigante (Giant Hickey), I remembered in history giant betta fish on a previous occasion . When first introduced in Indonesia International Betta Show 2014 Aceh. The giant betta betta fish painting on the price of US $ 1000
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