2015 Basics guide Halfmoon Bettas-Fish Care

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Basics guide Betta Fish Care Halfmoon
Basics guide Halfmoon Betta Fish Care 2015
Basics guide Bettas-Fish™ Care

Halfmoon Betta Fish Betta perhaps most in need of care. Remember that the long tail like a fish bettas halfmoon domesticated and may not be able to survive in the wild environment. This means is a halfmoon Betta fish need more space and carefully compared with the short tail betta.The average of the disease have the same cause, ie: poor water quality. The secret lies in Halfmoon needs space as possible and change the water constantly. Unfortunately, the best way to replace 100 percent of water a day is the way that most of us do not have time to do! If you change the water, some bacteria are still fish left in the bottle. They can cause disease in fish.
If you can not change the water every day, changing the water every 3 days as well, depending on the size of your fish jar. Ideally, every day should suck up dirt from the bottom (and then pour the water into the bottle). Use water disinfection chlorine or to vent. and removes all compounds containing chlorine, which does not exist outside of the natural environment. Should also check and adjust the pH to ensure achieving the required level for fish. There are many drugs that raise or lower the pH outside the market.

Do you still have the Finn about whether or not you have to feed him dry shrimp because I know they are not too Likes premises flake feed pellets. but they prefer the seeds of wigglerPlants are a good choice. As in the wild, phosphate tree water consumption and improve the quality of the water when you only replace the part. Although phosphate is not toxic to fish, but to stimulate the growth of algae, I suggest you grow a Java fern to consume phosphate in the water. Java fern is often accompanied with driftwood.

Please remove the plants from the forest before being planted in the lake for fishing driftwood often with sharp edges torn fins. Plants are also taking nitrates.Please allocate sufficient space next to the plant for fish to swim. Trimming as necessary to ensure that the space is balanced. Let's grow the same crops in the new tank when you get farmed separately. If you buy fish from other breeders, ask them about the conditions grew up there and try to re-establish the conditions under which the maximum extent possible. This can be very important! Red stripe and red (non-red) are very sensitive to changes in the chemical composition of water.

Feeding the right food. Feeding a variety of foods and dry foods contain a lot of vitamins. Personally I like to eat frozen fish (fresh and dry food but do not contain pathogens such as fresh food). However, you should let the fish eat little and often (enough to feed all of five minutes). Otherwise, excess food will rot and cause high ammonia concentrations.

Combustion of fish every day by the glass soi or dike with other fish. But do not let it see the other fish because often be large. If you fish with a bottle together, should be covered "ie prevent this bottle with the other bottles with cardboard or whatever" or for so many jars together to fish regularly island by island, among others, to one another and do not open the bottle. Note the fish that have fins hard and long, so that if the spread is too tight and too long, fin can be cut, so it's best to limit the burning of their time is only about 1 hour more per day.

Tips this treatment more you have to do to maintain the health of the halfmoon betta fish, still keep the beauty halfmoon. Hopefully your own betta fish betta fish contest record breaking mania.

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