Types of Betta Fish Diseases and Treatment Method

Gambar Penyakit Ikan Laga Dan Cara Pengobatannya
Penyakit Ikan Laga Dan Cara Pengobatannya
On this occasion I Will Distribute Articles About Perubatan on Pelaga Ornamental fish or fish Bye Fish Games or How to Take Care Guide Fish Games are Good for Fish Fish Games Again sick.


In fish fish diseases didiagnasa must match exactly, errors in diagnosis will lead to the healing process and the risk of death, because we enforce diagnoses will be the reference control game fish are sick.

Diseases of the Fish Games in principle terbahagi into two; due to parasites, and are caused not by the parasite. Some parasites are often attacked Fish Games and we should recognize it easily by observing symptoms. Parasites that often attack Fish Games including; bacteria, viruses fungi, protozoa and worms. The non Parasitic disease (caused not by a parasite) is by kuwalitas most water. the ugly, the next factor that is not appropriate physics, malnutrition, or disorder and gastrointestinal disorders due to toxic or poison.

Some common disease:

1. Anorexia (decreased appetite)

Cause: ph water or keasam too high, poisoning, or may also be caused by a decrease in temperature is very cool alias ..


-. Normalize the water pH using pH down like leaves ketapan, acidic or basic wood materials to lower the pH of fish sold in stores decoration.

-. If there is no appetite caused by poisoning, do drains pond or aquarium, wash clean, if necessary, topical permuakan pond and aquarium walls with a mixture of antibiotics, such as tetracycline with certain dos, after draining and drying under the sun.

-. When kerana cool weather factors, the easiest thing to do is to live media menempatkat Fish Games like an aquarium or pond tarp in place exposed to sunlight. But if the cold is caused by persekitaran factors, such as the rainy season or a certain altitude above sea level, then use the heather with temperature adjusted to the size of the pool or the amount of water, so that the heating or the temperature is at an appropriate range.

2. cowardly forehead defeat syndrome

For the fish hobbyist game, defeat is always painful. But do not forget the Fish Game, Fish Game that has pitted always injured, in which case special treatment to heal the wound. Prepare ketapan water lightly salt, then input into the former Fish Games which contains this solution, give food as needed. The duration of immersion dependent state Fish matches.

When Fish Games has recovered the possibility of experiencing cowardly fish, fish characteristics often stood at the base of the aquarium and looked scared.


-. mix fish with Fish Games cowardly before females, it is to restore the aggressiveness Fish Games cowardly earlier.

3. White spots

Whaite regular spot attacking Fish Games that stamina is low, the cause is a protozoan. Clinical may be found in Fish Games that attacked them white spots appear white spots on the body of Fish Games, fin buds, Fish Games often menggosak-rubbing his body. If not treated fish may die, and infect other fish.


-. methilin fish soak in a solution of blue (blue medicine), or green melachite who have accounts with the power baktericid powerful enough to germs types of protozoa.

4. dropsy / scales creeps

The author has found himself farmed fish game results in a state of standing and belly scales tend to bulge. The cause is bacteria, these bacteria attack the kidneys, resulting in the failure of the excretion of waste substances from the metabolism, body pay reparations to the opening and to place a scales., Dropsy had higher levels of mortality or high mortality.


-. The most basic is to maintain the cleanliness of the water and other implementation instruments.

Streptomycin type antibiotics by injection and immersion proved memorable.

5. Body slimy and not aggressive

Fish looks slimy, white tompok visible body, many silent tadak aggressive. The cause of most nation points are fungi, or parasites Costia sp. Game fish infected with this parasite has a high mortality levels


-. make sure the pool water in appropriate circumstances, drain and replace with new water triggered talah minimum of 24 hours

-. Do soaking pad using methelin blue fish with dos 3 cc to 5 liters of water, fish marinated for 24 hours.

6. Damaged fins and not ngedok

Most are caused by fungi saproneglia sp. secondary outbreaks often. Escort, especially Fish Games wounded, high mortality phase, biila not detangani well. Activity will be ekstris fungus persekitaran and water when the temperature dropped even very cool.


-. When the disease attacks or Fish Games showed posture and changes in skin surface as above, then, we always back up in order to maintain and restore the water persekitaran as ideal as possible. The most practical way is to swap the entire pool water.

-. Do the fish soaking in a solution of 2% malachite green were dissolved in 10 liters of water ..

7. Velvet

Tail bud and black body with white membrane on the surface kilitnya. The reason is bad or dirty water and low temperature water conditions.


-. The use of blue or malachite green methelin proved memorable for restoring favorite game fish that attacked velvet.

8. Gills Damaged, fall, and difficult breathing problems, srta gill cover that should not be closed.

Causes Damaged and collapse of the gills, is flexibacter bacteria Mycobacterium sp and sp.


-. Drain and dry in the sun media certi akuãium and pond life.

-. Use of antibiotics to eradicate this disease, antibiotics may be used as cholompenicol, Streptomycin or teramicin with dosisi measured.

9. Fin root

Cause Salmonella sp. And Pseudomonas sp. Clinical picture of the injury and the holes in the fins, the situation may further lead to miscarriage and baldness on the fin


-. Give antibiotics like kanamicin or tetraciclin, or you may use other antibiotics that are broad spectrum (antibiotics that have a broad baktericid)

May eradicate bacteria including gram-positive and gram-negative.

10. Pop eyes (eyes bulging)

This disease is very easily recognizable, fish eyes protruding, the eyeball may be also on both. The cause is a virus. There are two types of viruses that attack the fish trimmings that is, herbes and epithelioma papulasum. Damage caused by viruses tend to quickly and bring kematian.sejauh is no medicine that is memorable to eradicate this disease.

Actions that can be done is pencilkan fish infected with the virus.

Do the disinfection / wash and disinfect an aquarium with a solution of 0.3% dinkan clorin in carrying a 24-hour, 10-day dry for a new pond and aquarium may be used again.

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